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aging : life expectancy

Life Expectancy Listings:

Between Zeus and the Salmon - Online version of multi-author book describing biology and demography of longevity. Book can be ordered from National Academy Press.

Calculation of Life Expectancy - Concise explanation of the mathematics of life expectancy calculation with links to related concepts.

Death: An Inquiry into Man's Mortal Weakness - The life expectancy page within a much larger effort to put mortality into perspective.

Discussion of impact of changing life expectancy on policy decisions - Canadian government report on impact of changes in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy

Duke's Center for Demographic Research's bibliography on longevity and healthy life expectancy. - Mostly citations but some links to online material

GAO Report on Anti-Aging Prodcts - Describes the marketing in the US of unproven approaches to "life extension".

Genetics of Longevity - Powerpoint presentation by Tom Kirkwood, who developed an evolutionary theory of longevity which he calls "disposable soma".

The Hayflick Limit - The discovery by Leonard Hayflick that cells will not divide forever may explain the limited lifespan of organisms.

Healthy Life Expectancy - Offers an international comparison of disability adjusted life expectancies.

Innovita Research Institute - Research on aging, molecular concepts of aging, cloning and age-related diseases such as Alzheimers, Werner syndrome, and Parkinsons.

IRS Life Expectancy Table - A table from age 35 on the number of years the IRS expects one to live based on current age.

Life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Peoples (Australia - Age specific death rates and life expectancies. Comparative causes of death.

Office of Population Studies, United Nations - Link to documents describing impact of longevity trends on world population.

Premature Death in the New Independent States - Causes of increased deaths in former states of the USSR. Book chapter viewable online at National Academy Press site.

Review of The Quest for Immortality: Science at the Frontiers of Aging - Generally favorable review of a book by Olshansky and Carnes that argues that large increases in life expectancy are unlikely in near future wihout fundamental advances in the science of aging. (Requires registration, but is reprinted in entirety on Amazon.)

Roman Life Expectancy - Roman Life Expectancy: calculations and caveats about accuracy. - Informational website on Gerontology and Aging Research

UK Government publications regarding life expectancy - Topics of interest include Excel spreadsheets for life expectancy calculation as well as population statistics.

Unraveling the Secrets of Human Longevity - Scientific and Educational Website on Human Longevity Studies

US Life Expectancy Improves - 2001 press release from US Dept of Health and Human Services describing recent findings.

What Kills Us? Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Discussion of the causes of changes in life expectancy over the last 150 years.

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